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Strategic Medical Records Analysis

To save you time and money we can assess the merits of your case before you even commit. Use our expertise as medical insiders to show you the inner workings of the complicated healthcare system firsthand. Our screening services include:

  • Screen or investigate cases for merit
  • Prepare chronologies of the medical events involved in the case
  • Define the applicable standards of care
  • Define deviations from and adherences to the applicable standards of care
  • Assess the alleged damages and/or injuries
  • Identify factors that caused or contributed to the alleged damages and/or injuries
  • Identify and recommend potential defendants
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Expert Witnesses/Testifying Experts

We have a vast network of expert nurses, doctors and allied health providers, all currently working in their field, who are up to date on new medical developments, techniques and technologies that balance the scale for your side in the battle of credibility. Our services include:

  • Locate and interface with expert witnesses
  • Analyze and compare expert witness reports and other work products
  • Help prepare witnesses and experts for deposition and trial
  • Serve as an expert witness and testify to the nursing standard of care
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Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Don't leave your client alone---have a nurse advocate on your side at the IME. Your client may experience great stress and face a hostile doctor. Our experienced nurses guarantee the adherence to all civil codes of procedure and protect your client from revealing information that may impact the outcome of your case. Our services include:

  • Implement your requirements for the exam
  • Prepare a report of what transpired and can become your rebuttal witness in court
  • Testify about discrepancies between what occurred in the exam versus what the physician claimed occurred
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Discovery and Court Preparation

Let us apply our nursing experience to make sure you have all the crucial facts, which can be the difference between winning and losing your case. Our services include:

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Attorney Liaison

Time is money. Let your Trifecta Team put years of medical training and clinical experience to work for you so that you can focus your time on your client and case.