The Medical Records Tell A Story.

At Trifecta Legal Nurse Consulting
We Bring The Story To Life.


It all starts here, where you leverage our expertise for your success. We are Trifecta Legal Nurse Consulting, a team of legal and forensic nurses who render opinions and testimony regarding liability, causation, economic and non-economic damages, pain and suffering, criminal issues, and forensic topics. In addition, our nationwide network provides Expert Witness Location Services and Independent Medical Exam (IME) support.

The Right Team Makes All The Difference.

It's a short-sighted decision to have your legal team review the medical records. Why? They'll never duplicate our medical knowledge. They'll never duplicate our years of training and clinical experience. They'll never duplicate our ability to uncover and decipher elusive medical and forensic details and their relevance to your case. Lose these details...Lose your edge...Lose your ability to triumph over opposing counsel. It's just that simple. Are you willing to take that risk?

Karyn Hanken BS, RN, CPN, LNC

The true definition of Trifecta is “a perfect group of three, winning three times.” Our mission is to champion the following threefold philosophy to create a triple advantage for our clients’ success:
  • Clients are not dollar signs. They are relationships. Strong relationships build a strong Trifecta Family.
  • Impeccable customer service. Impeccable work products. No exceptions.
  • We strive to be the BEST…we aim to be LEGENDARY.

Reputation is Everything.

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