In 65% of our plaintiff and defense case development, we discover critical information that compels counsel to revise their strategy. With a national team that includes nurses from twenty-eight (28) different specialties, our consultants are qualified to render opinions and testimony in both the civil and criminal arenas. Our services include:


Is there a medical reason that your client failed their Field Sobriety Test? Do the location and depth of the bullet wounds support the victim's testimony? Were there any issues with rape kit collection, storage, or chain of custody? Criminal defense cases can include child abuse and neglect, DUI, domestic violence, sexual assault, dependency, serious harm, or attempted murder. Our experienced team of forensic nurses can review and analyze the medical records to determine if the records and forensic evidence support or refute the state or federal claim. Our services include:


The strength of your case relies on the strength of your experts! We leverage a vast network of expert doctors, nurses, and allied health providers who are up to date on new medical advances and have a mix of experience in direct patient care, research, and academia. We also procure experts from outside of the medical field such as construction defects, motorcycle, or accident reconstruction experts.
Our services include:


Why would you send your client alone to face an examiner hired by the opposing side? Who will refute any omissions, discrepancies, or subjective biases stated in the defense examiner's report? Our national team of legal nurses are your "eyes and ears" to ensure adherence to the stipulations and provide comfort to your client as they relive the trauma surrounding their injuries. Our presence brings a level of veracity to the examination because we know which questions the examiner is allowed to ask and if the assessments are accurately performed.
Our services include:

Discovery and Court Preparation

Time is money. Let our years of clinical experience work for you so you can focus your time on the legal aspects of your case.
Our services include:

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It is the basic tenet of effective trial advocacy that jurors must first understand something before they can be persuaded. At trial, two-thirds of the jury will be more receptive to evidence presented in a visual format rather than evidence presented verbally. When preparing any case for trial, let our team create demonstrative evidence that will not only tell your story but also bring your story to life!

A thorough and rigorous medical literature search can positively impact your chances of success. Authoritative medical literature related to the facts can help build a strong theoretical foundation by supporting or refuting the issues at the heart of your case.

Interrogatories are an essential part of discovery. Using our extensive healthcare background, we can offer guidance with drafting interrogatories in ways the attorney might not consider.

You asked compelling questions, but do you truly understand the medical nuances of the information provided in the interview? Any deposition you conduct can be analyzed and interpreted with our assistance, relying heavily on our medical background and expertise.

An EMR Audit Trail documents all points of access to your client’s electronic medical records including any actions to modify, view, print, or tamper with the record. An EMR Audit Trail is a powerful tool to unveil objective evidence that is hidden within your medical malpractice or catastrophic personal injury case.

Legal cases that involve medical issues are some of the most difficult and expensive to litigate. Let our team examine your case for causality and merit. In 65% of our pre-suit screenings, we frequently determine that liability is non-existent, damages do not exist, or hidden medical issues/contributory negligence/ preexisting conditions/forensic information cause an attorney to drop the case.

Our medical chronology provides a concise, factual, and informative summary of your client’s medical treatment, and can also include our legal nurse consultant’s opinions. Use our comprehensive chronologies for yourself and any expert witnesses to effectively navigate through the records to gain a deeper understanding of the events leading to and surrounding your client’s injuries.

Standards of Care are guidelines that provide a foundation for how all healthcare providers should act in their professional capacity and are criteria for high quality healthcare. They must be considered during the evaluation of state and federal laws, rules, and regulations governing the practice of healthcare professionals. A deviation from the Standards of Care occurs when a healthcare provider strays from the accepted standard of practice in the healthcare community.

Our reports are tools to evaluate non-economic damages experienced by your client. All pain assessments and quotes by healthcare providers are gathered, as well as any pertinent journal entries and interviews with your client. We take into account the complications of the initial injury, medications, and treatments that are required to mitigate the impact of the physical and emotional injuries. The vivid description of the complications experienced by your client can be depicted via graph, chart, photo, video, or illustration.

Damages for injuries include: Medical Expenses, Property Damage, Lost Wages, Pain and Suffering. We assist with calculating the Medical Expenses and Pain & Suffering by reviewing the medical records and medical billing.

Can you identify missing/necessary documents that could make or break your case? Is there evidence of tampering? We can find the hospital policies and procedures, protocols, order sets, and many other pertinent documents. In addition, we organize, summarize, translate, and interpret medical records into a more understandable and referenceable format.

Through our extensive medical records review, we identify all parties who are at fault. This may include healthcare providers across all participating disciplines, the healthcare facility, and potentially the healthcare system.

Life Care Planners determine the medical costs of care following a catastrophic or non-catastrophic injury. Our services are critical to comprehensively identify the frequencies, durations, purpose, and expenses for medical and non-medical items and care. This type of evaluation requires a consultative team approach with other professionals, is based on Standards of Practice for Life Care Planners, uses real-world medical costs, and is completed by a certified Life Care Planner (CLCP).